We Will Rock You is a jukebox musical set in a speculative future where globalisation is complete and everyone watches the same movies, follows the same fashion trends and thinks the same thoughts – all under the gaga eye of the Killer Queen. When Galileo wants to break free, he teams up with the outcast, Scaramouche, and a bunch of Bohemians, all of whom rise up to destroy the system that oppresses them.

Production Details

Civic Theatre: 9 May 2006 – (unknown)
Artscape Opera House: 26 July – 10 September 2006
The Playhouse Company: 30 September to 29 October

Produced by Showtime Management in association with Investec and Kfm 94.5.

Book by Elton John. Music and lyrics by Queen.

Directed by Andrew Pole. Resident Director: Bryan Hill.

Music supervision: Mike Dixon. Musical Director: Bryan Schimmel.

Choreography: Arlene Phillips. Associate Choreographer: Lisa O’Dea. Assistant Choreographer: Jill Somers.

Cast: Vicky Sampson (Killer Queen), Malcolm Terry (Pop), Helen Burger (Scaramouche), Francois Schreuder – billed as Francois Lliam (Galileo), Murray Todd (Britney), Neels Clasen (Khashoggi), Helen Goldberg (Oz), Talia Kodesh, Lois du Plessis, Lorri Glajchen, Diani Joubert, Mamela Nyamza, Tammy Pelser, Sivan Raphely, Vanessa Brierly, Caely Jo Levy, Julie Lyn, Louisa Talbot, Grant Almirall, James Bradley, Luan de Beer, Ferdi Gernandt, Ivan Giani, Carlo McFarlane, Siusiso Radebe, Ashley Serle, Francois Theron, Shaun V and Dean Roberts.

Décor: Mark Fisher and Willie Williams. Costumes: Tim Goodchild.

Company Manager: Jill Somers. Technical Manager: Alistair Kilbee.

Reviews: None filed.

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