The Making of DANGER IN THE DARK (2019)

Danger in the Dark premiered in 2019 at the Baxter Theatre Centre. This page gathers some information about the show, with quotations from the people who made and viewed the production.

Marketing the Show…

Message from David Kramer

David Kramer: I was delighted when Baxter CEO and artistic director, Lara Foot, invited me to stage this production of Danger in the Dark, a reworking of the hit musical Poison, which Taliep Petersen and I wrote in the 90s and which was produced by Renaye Kramer. To be able to work with such a committed and immensely talented cast and team – some of our finest artists like Camillo Lombard, Grant van Ster and Loukmaan Adams – and to see the performances grow daily in the rehearsals, makes this process all the more special. This is a very necessary work for our time and now, more than ever, will certainly resonate with Cape Town audiences. With this reworked version of the musical, I decided to tell the story from the point of view of Pamela, a social worker who is writing her thesis on drug abuse in the Cape Flats, but I have retained many of the original songs. This cast of eight lead performers with a chorus of 14, dance, sing and play a variety of roles, as they are accompanied by a live band of five musicians. I look forward to sharing this experience with you. (What’s on at the Baxter, 26 September 2019)

Critical Reception…

Message from Lara Foot

Lara Foot: Things at the Baxter are really cooking this November as we enter our final week of David Kramer’s Danger in the Dark, which has been overwhelmingly praised by audiences and critics, with standing ovations at every performance. I cannot encourage you enough to see this powerful and brilliant musical. Marianne Thamm for the Daily Maverick described it as a “big and demanding production on all fronts and this entire South African team has delivered a world-class experience.” (What’s on at the Baxter, 25 October 2019)

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