SAMSON (2019)

Samson is an apocalyptic dance-music-theatre piece, based on the popular Old Testament hero myth of loss, betrayal and rage and interpreted on a rich visual canvas, with haunting choreography, soaring vocals and live electronica. In era of intolerance and polarization, a young man with a mission channels the fury of his oppressed people and inflicts terror on the population that he holds accountable for their subjugation. As the body count mounts and war surges, Delilah – an ambivalent enemy agent – seduces and ritually castrates him. His brutal punishment in the detention facilities of the authorities spurs him to an act of suicidal devastation.

Production Details

National Arts Festival: 27 – 29 June 2019

Produced by the Third World Bunfight.

Book and lyrics: Brett Baily. Music: Shane Cooper.

Producers: Third World Bunfight, co-produced by Woordfees and the National Arts Fetival. Producer and General Manager: Barbara Mathers. Created with the support of The National Lotteries Commission South Africa and Insitut Francaise d’Afrique du Sud.

Director: Brett Bailey. Choreographer: Vincent Mantsoe. Design: Brett Bailey. Lighting Designer: Wolz Britz. Art Work: Brett Bailey and Tanya P Johnson. Video Animation: Kirsti Cumming. Sound Engineer and Design: Marcel Bezuidenhout. Technical Production Manager: Kobus Rossouw. Stage Manager: Namhla Kalipa.

Musical Director: Shane Cooper.

Reviews: None filed. Overall Review Score: TBC.

Marketing Materials and Photographs

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