Psalter is a cabaret by Wessel Pretorius.


Psalter – the name for the book of Psalms – is a collection of growing-up memories of a Gaga worshiper, a disciple of Nina Simone and an envoy of the moon in kitsch angel wings. It is also an ode to three sisters, Greta, Joan and Bettie, each named after a silvery goddess, trying to cherish a child through the changing seasons.

Psalter2018/2019 Production

The Alexander Upstairs: 19 November – 15 December 2018.
The Alexander Upstairs: 4 – 8 June 2019.

Director: Wessel Pretorius. Pianist. Christopher Petrie.

Cast: Len-Barry Simons.

Reviews: None filed. Overall Review Score: TBC.

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