Love From Judy is a musical by Eric Maschwitz and Jean Webster (book), Jack Gray (lyrics) and Hugh Martin (lyrics and music) based on Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster.


Judy is a pretty young drudge in a New England orphanage. One day, a visiting trustee becomes interested in her and decides to give her a chance by paying her way through college. She does not know the name of her benefactor, simply calling him Daddy Long-Legs, and writes him letters brimming over with fun and affection. At her fashionable college, a charming romance develops with Jervis Pendleton, who turns out to be none other than Daddy Long-Legs himself.

Daddy Long Legs19** Production

Presented as Daddy Long Legs.
Three Arts Theatre: Dates Unknown.

Produced by 3 Arts Theatre in association with Stage Creations. Director: Jeremy Nicholls. Musical Director: Paul Lyness. Choreography: Audrey Turner. Assistant Director: Garth Ross-Williams. Design: Jeremy Nicholls. Sound Engineer: Eric Morrison. Stage Manager: Allen Knight. Company Stage Manager: Standley Knight. Costumes and Decor: Stage Creations. Costume Assembly: Jeff Smith. Hair Styles: Contessa. Metal Furnishings: Eagle Electric. Trucks: Jiffy Joint. Paint: Buffalo Paints.

Flute and Piccolo: Peter A’Burrow. Clarinets: Johnny Ford and Charlie Hamilton. Percussion: Butch Rice. Harp: Jane Bullen. Trumpets: Ted Fraser, Tommy Kenna and Jan Hough. Trombone: Bob Tizzard. Bass: Ian Smith. Piano: Jimmy Smith.

Cast: Diane Todd (Jerusha Abbot), Erna Basson (Sadie Kate/Orphan), Jill Barrett (Gladiola Murphy/Orphan), Trudy Woodford (Mamie/Orphan),  Madeleine Basson (Loretta/Orphan), Lucy Kelsen (Maudie), Flora McKenna (Mrs Lippett/Mrs. Pendleton), Sybil Summers (Mrs Grace Pritchard), Graham Childs (Cyrus Wykoff/Wilberforce), John Morley (Senator Parsons/Walters/Dancer), Bob Courtney (Jervis Pendleton), Avril Clifton (Julia Pendleton), Penny Thecke (Sally McBride), Bazil Poole (Jimmy McBride), Jeff Smith (Gordon McLintock), Elli Wallendorf (Butterfly), Coral Champion (Mary Lou), Pat Merkin (Ballet Judy), Vivian Tomlinson (Ballet Jervis/Dancer), Patricia Mirkin (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Arlene Sandler (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Dianne Hurwitz (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Cynthia Rowe (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Pamela Koonin (Dancer), Pat Sullivan (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Coral Champion (Dancer/Skipping Rope Girl), Annette Grunow (Dancer), Berenice Benjamin (Dancer), Rosemary Hartnady (Dancer/Bike), Geraldine Davison (Dancer/Orphan), Briget Pryde (Dancer), Maureen Wilson (Dancer), Penny Noble (Dancer/Orphan), Sally Watkins (Dancer/Orphan/Bike), Shiona Craig (Dancer/Orphan), Annalene Kamper (Dancer/Orphan), Lucy Kilsen (Dancer), Rosalie Dahl (Dancer/Orphan/Bike), Lucy Milsen (Orphan), Graham Clarke (Dancer), Norman Daniels (Dancer), Tom Ullivo (Dancer), Gordon Sara (Dancer), John Posthumus (Dancer/Bike), Trevor Fourie (Dancer/Bike), Gerald Geldenhuys (Dancer/Bike), Charles Heyburg (Dancer), Wouter Geldenhuis (Dancer), Malcolm Lawson (Choir), Alec Thomson (Choir), Joe Scheaffer (Choir), Chris Beukes (Choir), Marion Stander (Choir), Daphne Keet (Choir), Helene Rowland (Choir), Danaras Loubscher (Choir), Wilma Schnell (Choir) and Rosemary Hartnady (Bike).

Reviews: None filed. Overall Review Score: TBC.

Something missing? Want to add or correct information? For this article in particular, we are looking for production dates, confirmation as to whether Pat Merkin/Patricia Mirkin are the same person and confirmation whether Lucy Kelsen/Lucy Kilson/Lucy Milsen are the same person. Copies of any reviews would also be helpful. Please email the South African Musical Theatre Archive with any details you have, using the contact details at the top of the page.

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