Gate69Gate69 is South Africa’s premier cabaret theatre. Ornate, plush, classy and mysterious, Gate69 offers a complete and heightened sensory experience. Audiences are invited to step into a world you’ve never been before, a world where Cathy Specific and the Trolley Dollies welcome everyone to get lost in the magic that is cabaret. Visit the venue’s official website or social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for further information.

Musical Theatre Productions

Year Dates Show Genre
2018 14 Sep – 22 Dec The Three Little Pigs Adult Pantomime
2018 28 Feb – 8 Sep Snip/Tucked Musical
2017/8 23 Oct – 3 Feb Macbeth Adult Pantomime
2017 9 Aug – 7 Oct Cathy and the Trolley Dollies – Full Throttle Adult Pantomime
2017 17 Feb – 1 Jul For Your (Adult) Eyes Only Revue
2016/7 3 Dec – 29 Jul Cathy and the Trolley Dollies Musical
2016 15 Sep – 27 Nov Hedwig and the Angry Inch Musical

Something missing? Want to add or correct information? Please email the South African Musical Theatre Archive with the details, using the contact details at the top of the page.

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