Die Vloek van die Strandjutwolf is a musical built around music taken from Stoom Radio, the debut album from Die Radio Kalahari Orkes. Boet and Swaer run a radio station in the middle of nowhere. In between regular slots like the news, they entertain their listeners with songs and things all seem to be going well until RAP arrives to let them know that he has received the shares of his grandfather, Oupa Moegae, as a present. When they all hear that there is a reward to capture the last hyena – an animal that has been torturing Swaer’s family for generations – in the surroundings, they head out to do just that, while Boet stays at the radio station and crosses over live to follow their exploits.

Production Details

Aardklop: 2005
The Baxter Theatre (Theatre): 1-11 February 2006
The State Theatre (Arena): 16 February – 18 March 2006

Produced by Dan Roberts and Coenie Middel for Die Radio Kalahari Orkes. Directed by Janice Honeyman.

Book: Harry Kalmer. Music and lyrics by Rian Malan and Dan Roberts.

Cast: Ian Roberts (Boet), Norman Anstey (Swaer), Fats Bookholane (Mogae), Jody Abrahams (RAP), Christine Roberts (Krummelpoppie) and Lize Wiid (Krummelpoppie).

Reviews: LitNet, The Next 48 Hours (mention).

Marketing Materials and Photographs

Video Footage

None available.

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