Die Konings is a cabaret with text by Louis Roux, Elisha Zeeman, Marelize Vijloen and Anoecha Kruger and music by Talita Beyl.


In addition to the fact that Die Konings is the newest and hottest thing in the Afrikaans music industry, they are also very talented – or so they believe. This cabaret draws on the traditions of drag and improvisational comedy, with women using male alter egos to create a satire dealing with sex, religion, politics and everything in between.

Die Konings2018 Production

The Alexander Upstairs: 22 – 25 October 2018.

Director: Andrico Goosen.

Cast: Elisha Zeeman, Marelize Vijloen and Anoecha Kruger.

Reviews: Production not yet open. Overall Review Score: TBC.

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