Camelot is a musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe based on The Once and Future King by T. H. White.


Following his marriage to Guinevere, King Arthur gathers a group of noble knights to serve the Round Table at Camelot to make real his vision of a socially just world. Lancelot, a young Frenchman, is knighted following his miraculous resurrection of an ill-fated competitor at a jousting match. Enraptured by Lancelot’s actions, Guinevere falls in love with him and he with her. Arthur turns a blind eye to the affair, but when Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate son, arrives in Camelot and reveals the affair to the Knights of the Round Table, Arthur is forced to choose to save either the ideas he has fought to establish in England or the lives of his wife and closest friend.

2018 Production2018 Camelot Poster

Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre: 18 May – 3 June 2018.

Produced by KickstArt Theatre. Director: Steven Stead. Associate Director: Mervyn McMurty. Musical Direction: Shirley McLean. Musical Supervision: Jason Bird. Backing Tracks: The MT Pit. Choreography: Janine Bennewith. Costume Design: Terence Bray. Wigs and Hairstyles: Janette Walmsley or Bespoke Hair. Set Design: Greg King. Set Construction: Greg King, Bongumusa Masondo. Scenic Painting: Wendy Henstock, Greg King. Assistant Painters: Simon Magwaza, Sarah Matter, Bongumusa Masondo. Props and Armour Creation: Wendy Henstock.  Lighting Design: Tina Le Roux. Follow Spot Operators: Lisa Goldstone, Trevor Thobani Kubheka. Lighting Technicians: Tina le Roux, Wesley Maherry. Lighting Crew: Nosipho Bophela, Tina le Roux, Wesley Maherry.  Sound Design: Ross van Wyk. Radio Mic Technician: Clare Craighead. Sound Engineer: Ross van Wyk. Sound Recording and Mixing: Colin Peddy of Sonic Studios. Qlab Programmer: Tina le Roux. Qlab Operator: Jason Bird. Production Manager: Tina le Roux. Stage Manager: Philippa Savage. Assistant Stage Managers: Stephanie Jenkins, Timothy Jenkins. Stage Crew: Shelby Henry, Alex Whitehead. Flyman: Bongumusa Masondo. Photography: Val Adamson. Poster and Programme Design: Freshpress. Publicity: Publicity Matters.

Cast: Tshepo Ncokoane (Sir Dinadan), Cameron Botha (Sir Lionel), Peter Court (Merlyn/King Pellinore), Steven Stead (King Arthur), Jessica Sole (Guenevere), Anne Marie Clulow (Nimue), Lyle Buxton (Lancelot), Schoeman Smit (Dap), Marion Loudon (Lady Anne), Nozuko Teto (Lady Sibyl), Byron McNeil (Sir Sagramore), Anthony Stonier (Herald), Leigh Meyer (Lady Catherine), Nathan Kruger (Mordred), Jake Savage/Cullan Wagner (Tom of Warwick).

Reviews: Curban Actors Studio, Mum’s Mail, Publicity Matters 1, Publicity Matters 2, SoSuterBill, The Witness. Overall Review Score: TBC.

1994 Production

Nico Malan Theatre: 1994

Produced by CAPAB Musicals. Director: David Matheson. Musical Director: Berislav Skenderovic. Choreography: Alfred Hinkel.

Cast: Kurt Wustmann (Merlyn), Neil McCarthy (King Arthur), Julie Hartley (Guenevere), Chris Brand (Lancelot), Fitz Morley (Pellinore), Paul Warwick-Griffin (Mordred), Diane Wilson (Morgan Le Fey). Ensemble: Peter Meintjes, Alastair Pursch, Giles Southey, Steve Walsh, Glenn Swart, Federico Freschi, Anthony Marais, Jennifer Hartman, Penny-Colleen Swain.

1989 Production

State Theatre: From 22 November 1989

Produced by PACT/NAPAC/PACOFS. Director: Francois Swart. Musical Director: Berislav Skenderovic. Choreography: Alfred Hinkel.

Cast: Blaise Koch (Sir Dinadan), Glenn Swart (Sir Lionel), Norman Coombes (Merlyn), Michael Richard (King Arthur), Kate Normington (Guenevere), Robert Finlayson (Lancelot), Kornelis Simon (Dap), Dennis Folbigge (King Pellinore), Bart Fouche (Sir Sagramore), Ian von Memerty (Mordred), Molly Seftel (Morgan Le Fey).

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