The South African Musical Theatre Archive is an ongoing passion project that was born from the desire to collect historical and current information about musical theatre productions in South Africa in one place.

My aim is to build up content slowly and carefully, beginning with musicals in current runs and building up a database of shows,  performers and theatre-makers that allows anyone who is interested to see which musicals have been on in South Africa, where and when the productions were performed, who was involved both on stage and behind the scenes, how critics weighed up the shows and whether the show was given any awards.

Once a basic database is up and running, I also aim to include news and listings for musical theatre productions that are currently running in South Africa. This will primarily be a platform for publicity and editorial material.

If anyone would like to contribute any information to the database or correct any information that might be incorrect, please contact me using the contact form at the top of the page.

Thanks for coming to spend a little of your day here! I hope this becomes a valuable resource for us all.

Later days,
David Fick